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Valentine Ioppe

For as long as I can remember, I always loved to draw. When I was 13 years old, I decided to try painting with oil paints. I put up a subframe, done by a captive German, and tried to copy some of my father's sketches, who had died when I was 13. I carefully squeezed out oil paints on the palette and to my great amazement, it turned out something similar to the landscape. And I realized: I could do it, but maybe my father, who had been a talented artist, was leading my hand. At first, it was scary, but I walked away, squinted, looked and began to understand, looking from afar, what to add and correct. I began to comprehend the great mystery of painting, the dance of colours, their magic, realizing that this would be my world, where I have been living to this day. What a strange thing: the older I get, the more vivid my pictures become. In my old age, a kind of an unbridled colourist awoke in me. My autumn landscapes burn with fire, mountains blaze with violet flame and orange sun, and my abstract paintings reflect red, blue, and yellow explosions.

I graduated from the Architectural University in Moscow, Russia in 1966 and devoted my life to my two great passions and professions: architecture and painting. I often say that one half of me is an artist and the second half is an architect. I moved to Canada about thirty years ago and currently share my time between Collingwood and Toronto. My paintings are decorating many homes in Canada, the United States, Europe and Israel. I participated in Canadian and international exhibitions. In 2017, two of my abstract paintings earned an award at "IL Collezionista" Gallery in Vatican City.

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